1921- P Morgan Silver Dollar Roll- Brilliant Uncirculated- 20 Coin Roll

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1921- P Morgan Silver Dollar Roll- Brilliant Uncirculated- 20 Coin Roll


Coin Features:

  • Brilliant Uncirculated Condition.
  • Philadelphia Mint
  • Minted in 1921.
  • Obverse: Left facing portrait of Lady Liberty wearing a Liberty Cap with word “LIBERTY” inscribed on the ribbon. The cap is decorated with two heads of wheat and two cotton blossoms. 13 Stars, “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and Year of Mintage encircle the main device. A design by George T. Morgan.
  • Reverse: George T. Morgan design of a majestic bald eagle with outstretched wings clutching olive branch and arrows in its talons to symbolize peace and preparedness. Inscriptions – “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “ONE DOLLAR,” “IN GOD WE TRUST.”
  • Comes in a clear protective plastic roll containing 20 Kennedy Half Dollars for a total of $20 face value.

These Morgan Silver Dollars are all around MS63 quality! Recently Liquidated Collection, Unfortunately the hoard was not big enough to be sent in for grading. These coins would cost you upwards of $70 in MS63 grade. This allows you to save and get some of the nicest Morgans, with great luster and eye appeal. This roll of 20 Brilliant Uncirculated Morgan Dollars provides a great combination of bullion and numismatics. This is also the last year the Morgan Silver Dollar was ever minted, celebrating the 100th-year anniversary of the Morgan Silver Dollar.


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