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The $10 Gold Indian

In 1905 President Roosevelt commissioned noted sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign the entire American coinage spectrum from the cent to the double eagle. Due to bad health, he was only able to complete the $10 and the $20, which were both struck in 1907.

Coin Features

His $10 design bore on the obverse a female wearing an Indian war bonnet, The reverse of the Indian $10 piece depicted an eagle perched on a branch, the same design used a year later, in modified form, by Bela Lyon Pratt for use on the $2.50 and $5 pieces of 1908.

Years Minted and Key Dates

$10 Indians were produced continuously from 1907 through 1916, then in 1920 (at the San Francisco Mint only). 1926 and 1930 (San Francisco Mint only). 1932 and 1933. Within the 1907-1933 span there are several rare varieties, including the last year of issue, of which just 312,500 were minted, but of which nearly all were melted. Other big rare dates include varieties of the 1907 with periods before and after PLURIBUS UNUM, the 1920-S, and the 1930-S. Most often seen in uncirculated grades are the 1926 and the 1932, which are common. Apart from these two issues, all high grade uncirculated pieces are scare to rare.

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