Since I have been involved with JD Rarities, I have been treated in a respectful and professional manner at all times. My objectives and what I was looking to accomplish was the focus of several conversations which resulted in the development of a coordinated plan to accomplish that objective. Eddie has been outstanding in putting the plan with necessary parameters together that we both could agree upon. This allowed him to operate and execute and then contact me when decisions had to be made on certain items. This cooperative environment gave me peace of mind that Eddie was acting on my behalf and in my best interests. I found that to be a very worthy attribute and come to rely on Eddie’s advice and judgement very much. I have tremendous faith and confidence that there is someone out there who is looking out for you and wants to do the best that they can do for you in a given situation. Thanks Eddie.

There is another aspect of their operation, Mason, makes arrangements for pick up and deliveries. The pick ups are a very nice aspect since I am not very mobile and that is a big help. Thank you Mason.

A final note a quality operation top to bottom with quality, professional people doing an excellent service.


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